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papalampropoulos syriopoulou

housing complex

Status: Architectural Competition / Domes International Review of Architecture, Anthemias S.A. 
Program: Residential, Urban
Year: 2007
Area: 300m2
Built Area: 24.000m2
Location: Kardia, Greece
Architect: Leonidas Papalampropoulos- ldlp

Award: 3rd Prize

“Even though doors and windows are opened for making a home The usefulness of the home depends on what is not there Thus, benefiting from what it is, one uses what is not there.”

Lao Tse

Urban analysis-Data used for the design process: 
1. the gradual transformation of the rural settlement into urban
2. the scale of intervention (20% of the existing residential fabric) 
3. the site location at the boundary of the village (as it is shaped by the ravine). 


The proposal is formulated by the manipulation of the boundary between the ravine and the village (region A) while pursuing a gradual transition to the inner residential area (region B). The archetype of the "wall" (a violently harmonized structure) is used as the main urban stabilizer. Its erosion provides habitable space while discontinuities on the linear mass create public passages.

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