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papalampropoulos syriopoulou


Status: Architectural Competition / Domes International Review of Architecture, Proteas

Program: Residential, Urban

Year: 2006

Built Area: 11.000m2

Location: Skroponeri, Evia Prefecture, Greece

Architect: Leonidas Papalampropoulos- ldlp

Award: Special mention

Many things draw near each other

but then they need to reasonably separate up again.

This drawing near and separating up

needs to be organic and harmonic.’

P. Klee


‘The idea of metamorphosis is a heavenly gift which is particularly precious but also particularly risky. In fact winds up by producing an absence of form, undermines what is knowledge and dissolves it. It is similar to the centripetal force and might go astray for ever if it were not given a counter weight. I ‘m referring now to the impulse of specification and the tenacious capability of what has turned into reality’

J. W. Goethe


The proposal balances between separation and integration (proximity) as it’s trying to reconcile opposites. Mainly dealing with two groups of dipoles (natural - artificial, private - collective) it attempts an investigation of their spatial representation.

The problem of natural-artificial poses a dilemma for the architect. The presence of an area of ​​natural purity is in direct contrast with the intention of the architect to create a new habitable environment.
The design attempts to put in dialectical relationship the two terms by organizing a synthetic structure that separates but also unites them under an "organic and harmonious" plan.

Through a process of "metamorphosis", the original landscape leads to an architectural hybrid set, halfway between village and forest.
The existing forest, or rather its image is pixelated to form the structural matrix of the masterplan and the design of individual homes.
The landscape’s digitized reproduction is the medium of reconcilement between architect and nature. The final design consists of a set of private residences that are ecologically related to each other.

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